Finally, a human diet that works!  WildFit® helped me look and feel good about myself!
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What is WildFit®?  
     WildFit®  is a lifestyle of healthy eating, influenced by the Paleo Diet.  It is founded on what humans are supposed to consume based on our history as hunters and gatherers.   Unlike other diets, WildFit's principles are based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, food psychology and behavioral change:   the ideal combination for lasting results.
          In July 2018, I was at my heaviest at 180 lbs.  I was living a sedentary lifestyle.  I was not sure what to eat in order to lose weight, but I knew that I didn’t like to eat salads all of the time, nor did I have time to exercise consistently.  I could not help myself from eating all of the “bad” foods that were high in sugar and readily available everywhere I went. 

     I tried several diets over the years (low carb, vegetarian, ketogenic, etc.), but I would fail after a few days to a few weeks later.  My willpower was very weak.  I knew I was on the path to more joint issues, chronic pain in my neck and back, gastrointestinal issues, increased medications, and possibly invasive and expensive medical procedures. 

     I found the WildFit® Quest through MindValley, and began my 90-day journey, believing in the process.  Eric Edmeades, the founder of WildFit®, was so knowledgeable and eloquent about the nutritional science and food psychology during the entire program, that it helped me to change my behavior about food.  It was easy to follow the program, and I was amazed that WildFit® stuck to me longer than any other diet program ever.

     By November 2018, I released 20 lbs and lost over 24 inches around my body without having to do excessive exercise.  My friends and family are amazed at my progress and wanted to know what I was doing. 

     By February 2019, I released almost 30 lbs and reached my ideal weight for my height.  I am living the dream, fitting into clothes I have not worn in over 2 decades, looking and feeling good about myself (see before and after photos below—left taken in August 2018 vs right taken in February 2019).  By July 2019, I am maintaining my ideal weight, drinking my green smoothies and loving life without the chronic pains, indigestion, and fatigue.  I updated my wardrobe and feel awesome!

     I loved WildFit® so much that I decided to become certified as a WildFit® Coach.  My desire is to help others reach their health goals by providing support each step of the way.  I achieved my certification in May 2019 and coached my inaugural WildFit® challenge in June 2019, with my clients releasing on average about 20 lbs each and many, many inches!  I look forward to my next upcoming challenge starting on Monday, November 25th with the 14-Day Reset!

                                                              - Cyndi Morgan

WildFit® Works
  • Most diets are designed for you to stick to.   
  • WildFit® is a lifestyle that sticks to you, forever.
  • Over 90% of WildFit® 90 participants successfully complete this program.
Transform Your Relationship With Food
Ready for Change?

A Brand New You - In 90 Days!
The WildFIt® 90 Day Group Challenge will help you create a healthy relationship with food so that you have the power to finally say no to those donuts in the break room.
Benefits of A WildFit® Lifestyle
  • Lose weight without hunger or excessive exercise  
  • Boost energy and mood naturally  
  • Enhance focus and creativity levels  
  • Improve sleep quality and wake up energized  
  • An overall sense of vitality and well-being
How much would it cost monthly to obtain these results?
Easy to Follow
The WildFit® Method is proven, easy-to-follow program that guides you every step of the way.  Over 90 days you'll receive: 
  • Access to the WildFit® 90 Challenge online with program modules, videos and tools to track your progress 
  • Weekly Live calls with a WildFit® Certified Coach  
  • Access to the WildFit® private Facebook group  
  • Copy of the Living WildFit® e-book                           

My WildFit®   
14-Day Reset starts on Oct 28, 2019, and WildFit® 90 Day Challenge on Jan 6, 2020!

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