WILDFIT® Alumni!
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How are you?! 
How has Living WILDFIT® been for you?  
     I hope you are still enjoying living WILDFIT® and are getting closer and closer or have actually reached your health goals that you set before doing the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge!  Have you looked at your BEFORE photos recently and seen how far you've come?!!!  Have some non-foods sneaked back in?  Have you heard from your Food Angel lately or has the Food Devil and Sugar Monster taken over?!?

     I would love to invite you to join my new Facebook Group page "Seasons & Ratios:  Making Your WILD Fit"--just for WILDFIT® Alumni who have completed the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge or Cycling Through The Seasons 5-week Challenge with me as your coach:  Seasons & Ratios:  Making Your WILD Fit
     If you have not reached your health goals yet and would like help in achieving it, I'm here for you!  Check out my latest updates on Cycling Through The Seasons challenge and sign up to be part of the group--for accountability, for more yummy recipes, support, and camaraderie.  It's going to be fun to catch up and get you back on the path toward better health and vitality!  You are worth it!!!

Cycling Through The Seasons (CTTS)
The 5-Week CTTS
TBD  (March/April 2021)

What is CTTS?
  • 5 weeks of cycling through fall, summer, spring and winter seasons of eating
  • Weekly Group Coaching on Zoom
  • Private Facebook Group with Facebook Lives
  • WILDFIT® Recipes for each season
  • Journaling/Discussions about           * mindset                                             * meditation/de-stress                      * creating / breaking habits
  • Discovering what is your WILDFIT® Ratio

I'd love to work with you again!
Cyndi Morgan
Certified WILDFIT® Coach

Text/Call:  (443) 837-5817

Love Prosperity 93, LLC
Davidsonville, Maryland, USA