Get your Gift of Health Certificates 
& Upgrade to the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge 

As you give the Gift of Health certificates to friends and family, you're inviting them to try WILDFIT® 14-Day Reset starting on Monday, January 4th, 2021 
with WILDFIT® Coach-in-Training, Amanda Finnis and
WILDFIT® Certified Coach, Cyndi Morgan!

The 14-Day Reset is the first two weeks of the 
WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge.  

Why not try the 14-Day Reset before deciding to upgrade 
to the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge?  
Scroll down below for more details on special discounts!!!
Ready for Change?
Are you, your family & friends...
- Gaining weight due to lockdowns
- Lack energy
- Experience brain fog in the PM
- Feeling stressed
- Lack quality sleep
- Lack willpower
- Experience chronic aches & pains
- Experience colds & flus often
- Have medical issues*:  pre-diabetic, diabetes, IBS, allergies, etc.
* Please consult with your doctor before starting the WILDFIT® 14-Day Reset / 90 Day Challenge

WILDFIT® 14-Day Reset
WILDFIT® is a lifestyle of healthy eating program.  It is founded on what humans are supposed to consume based on our history as hunters and gatherers.  It is influenced by the Paleo Diet.
Unlike other diets, WILDFIT's principles are based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, food psychology and behavioral change:  the ideal combination for lasting results.  

To get a taste of what WILDFIT® is about, Amanda & Cyndi are coaching the first two weeks of the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge starting on Monday, January 4, 2021.  

The Gift of Health certificate costs $27.  It is good for one of your family & friends to see what WILDFIT® is about.   Grab two or more certificates and join your family & friends on the 14-Day Reset journey for FREE!

The regular price for the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge is $895.  
For members of the Water O'Clock - 30 Day Drink More Water Challenge, 
upgrade to the WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge and get $100 off by using the discount code:  H2OWF90.  
For WILDFIT® Alumni:  get 2 or more family and friends to upgrade to the 90 Day Challenge at a special group pricing and you'll get to journey with your family and friends for FREE!  
Contact us directly for more details on the group pricing rate.
Please note that all sales & redemptions of Gift of Health Certificates 
will end on Monday, December 28th.  
Discount code H2OWF90 and special group pricing for the 
WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge will end on January 15, 2021.

You are making a difference!  
Amanda & Cyndi love how WILDFIT® transforms people's lives
for better health and longevity.  
Thank you for helping us reach our goals in spreading the news about how WILDFIT® really works!!!

Contact Us
(443) 858-5700 Amanda or
(240) 393-1311 Cyndi
Contact either Amanda or Cyndi to purchase a Gift of Health certificate.  We will send you a PayPal invoice by e-mail.  
-  We also accept Venmo:  @Amanda-Finnis or @Cynthia-Morgan-93.

Upon payment, we will e-mail you a PDF of the gift certificate, which you can then print out & gift it to your family & friends.  

To redeem by December 27th, you, your family/friend(s) will take a photo of the gift of health certificate and e-mail it to either Amanda or Cyndi.  We will then send out a confirmation e-mail along with information on how to get started.