WILDFIT® Affiliated Links
Here are some links I refer to in the 90-Day Challenge...

Living WILDFIT® Membership
If you've completed a WILDFIT® 90-Day Challenge, you're welcome to join the Living WILDFIT® Membership.  Membership includes:
1) Live monthly workshops, 
2) Access to the Living WildFit Recipe Database,
3)  Access to the Living WildFit Food Database,
4)  Access to the private Living WILDFIT® Facebook Group, and
5)  Exclusive member pricing:  50% off future WILDFIT® 90-Day Group Challenges
Living WILDFIT® Membership:  $24.97 per month
Click here to sign up:  
WILDFIT®  Living Cook Book Vol 1
Created by WILDFIT® Master Coach, Ariel Aurora.  This is a great cook book that designates which recipes are good for each season.
Get your digital copy for $9.97:  

WILDFIT®  Holiday Cookbook
With the hoildays coming up, why not get your WILDFIT® approved Holiday Cookbook?    No guessing which recipe is for which season!  Click the link below and happy holidays!
WILDFIT®  Headquarters
14-Day Reset
To join the WILDFIT® Headquarters 14-Day Reset for $27, use the following link:  
Join WILDFIT®  Headquarters 90-Day Group Challenge
To join the WILDFIT®  Headquarters 90-Day Group Challenge, use the following link: