WildFit® Affiliate Links
Here are some links I refer to in the 90-Day Challenge...

Living WildFit® Membership
If you've completed a WildFit® 90-Day Challenge, you're welcome to join the Living WildFit® Membership.  Membership includes:
1) Live monthly workshops, 
2) Access to the Living WildFit Recipe Database,
3)  Access to the Living WildFit Food Database,
4)  Access to the private Living WildFit Facebook Group, and
5)  Exclusive member pricing:  50% off future WildFit® 90-Day Group Challenges
Living WildFit® Membership:  $24.97 per month
Click here to sign up:  

WildFit®  Living Cook Book Vol 1
Created by WildFit® Master Coach, Ariel Aurora.  This is a great cook book that designates which recipes are good for each season.
Get your digital copy for $9.97:  

WildFit®  Holiday Cookbook
With the hoildays coming up, why not get your WildFit®  approved Holiday Cookbook?    No guessing which recipe is for which season!  Click the link below and happy holidays!
WildFit®  Headquarters
14-Day Reset
To join the WildFit®  Headquarters 14-Day Reset for $27, use the following link:  
Join WildFit®  Headquarters 90-Day Group Challenge
To join the WildFit®  Headquarters 90-Day Group Challenge, use the following link: